liverani group

Safe transport of liquid foodstuff

liverani group Safe transport of liquid foodstuff

Liverani Group, having its seats in Faenza and Santa Maria di Zevio, specializes in transporting liquid foodstuff and operates on the whole European territory.
Thanks to the commercial and managerial integration of three different companies in the transport sector, which took place in the year 2000, Liverani Group can rely on a long-time specific know-how.
In 2010, the company expanded its own services by incorporating CTI Spa, a company specializing in intermodal transport.

road transport
liverani group road transport

Liverani Group guarantees safe and professional road transport of liquid foodstuff through sterile tankers with constant and controlled temperature. Thanks to their specialized equipment, our 120 tankers have cutting-edge characteristics, specifically designed for the transport of liquid foodstuff.

intermodal transport
liverani group intermodal transport

Thanks to the railway, we guarantee that our transports are carried out safely and in an environmentally friendly way. We have created an integrated road/rail distribution network in order to guarantee high quality standards. Liverani Group owns about 400 tank-containers.

professionals in food tank cleaning haccp cleaning
haccp cleaning Hygiene is paramount

Hygienic conditions have become of paramount importance in the transport of liquid foodstuff; that’s why we offer a cleaning service with advanced equipment in order to guarantee and preserve the quality of the transported product.

contact us

Please contact us for any kind of information, for further details or to ask for a quotation. We are at your disposal to provide full service right from the start.

Santa Maria di Zevio(VR) Headquarters

Via Maestri del Lavoro, 4
37059 - Santa Maria di Zevio(VR)
T. +39 045 6051388
F. +39 045 6151589

Faenza(RA) Headquarters

Via Righi, 2
48018 - Faenza(RA)
T. +39 0546 620292
F. +39 0546 620322

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